Pardon the dark, mostly crappy bench pics. I’ll post better ones later. I’ve been working on this kit on and off for too many years to recall, but at last she’s coming together.

My build of the Moebius Battlestar Galactica kit features the full Acreation decal set, Paragrafix Hull inserts and Photoetch/decal set, and lighting designed and built by yours truly. The lighting is programmed using a SparkFun Arduino ProMicro.

Lighting the landing pods was by far the most challenging part. There wasn’t much room to squeeze everything in. Some unique features of this lighting system:

  • Registry lights – .25mm fiber optic, light cans inside the forward arm, FO runs up the inside of the landing pod.
  • Warning beacons – .25mm fiber optic, light cans inside the aft arm, FO runs down the inside of the pod.
  • Football – a .1 x .020 inch strip of clear acrylic was embedded into the deck and is lit by a 3mm LED beneath the deck. The color is Tamiya acrylic clear red and yellow, masked and painted over with the base color.
  • Overhead lighting – consists of 8 SMD LEDs, firing upward to prevent glare and to spread out the light inside the pod.